Health February 24, 2021 | 7:46 am

‘All’ Dominicans vaccinated by Dec.

Santo Domingo.-  With the arrival of the third batch of 768,000 vaccines against the coronavirus, the Dominican Republic has 818,000 doses that, based on the VacúnateRD plan, prepared by the Health Cabinet, 409,000 people would be covered with its two doses.

The Vaccination Plan consists of three phases and plans to inoculate all Dominicans between February and December 2021.

With the 818,000 doses, the Government completes stages 1A of the first vaccination phase, which includes first-line health personnel against COVID-19.

Moreover, the 1B that covers all medical personnel is enough to start the 1C, which includes adults over 60 with existing conditions, the Health Cabinet reported on Tuesday.

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