Health March 29, 2021 | 11:26 am

Update: Report 199 new cases and 3 deaths from COVID-19

On this Monday, the authorities noted 199 cases of covid-19 and three deaths from the disease, while the daily positivity had a slight increase in relation to yesterday’s bulletin by going from 11.29% to 11.49%.

The data are in bulletin 375 of the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, which reports that the positivity rate of the last four weeks continues with a downward trend, and yesterday stood at 10.6%.

So far, the number of people who died due to covid-19 is 3,307, the case fatality rate is 1.31%, and the mortality rate is 316.50 per million inhabitants.

The total number of accumulated cases is 252,182, of which 37,466 are active. Those recovered amounts to 211,409, and those discharged are 1,051,322.

The document states that 1,303,504 samples were processed, of which 2,279 were PCR and 261 Antigenic.

Hospital occupancy. Bed occupancy in Intensive Care Units (ICU) is at 31 percent, with 160 occupied out of 514 available beds.

Overall, the number of beds available for coronavirus cases is 2557; 474 are occupied, or 19 percent.

Meanwhile, 102 ventilators are in use, out of a total of 401, for 25 percent.

Risk groups. In bulletin 375, deaths due to hypertension are 30.09 percent, diabetes 18.81 percent.

Meanwhile, 357 pregnant women have been affected by the coronavirus, as well as 749 health workers. Meanwhile, 27,283 children under 20 years of age have contracted the disease. Six hundred fifty-one cases and six deaths have been reported.

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