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Covid fills ICU rooms of clinics and hospitals

Yesterday 200 patients were registered in Intensive Care and 124 with ventilators.

Yesterday there were 916 patients admitted, representing 25% of the occupied beds; of these, 324 are in delicate conditions.

Santo Domingo, DR

Hospitalizations for coronavirus are increasing in the country’s hospitals and private clinics, especially of delicate patients, causing the total occupation of beds in Intensive Care Units and ventilators.

According to the Ministry of Public Health in its report yesterday, hospitalizations totaled 916 patients, representing 25% of the occupied beds; 324 are in delicate conditions.

In bulletin 407, 200 patients were registered in Intensive Care Units, occupying 40% of the beds, with ten more patients than the previous day. While 124 are with fans, which represents 33%.

April ends with a record of 146 deaths, 12,780 newly infected, and positivity rose from 12.65% to 15.92%, in a situation that worries the health authorities, since Minister Daniel Rivera said that a large population of young adults has given positive for Covid-19.

Nine deaths yesterday
Nine deaths and 347 new infections were reported yesterday when the number of deaths reached 3,480 and confirmed cases 266,561.

Clinics on alert
Private clinics have 40% of ICU beds occupied, 33% of the fans in use, and 18% of the beds in rooms, according to the records supplied to Listín Diario.

While the Public Network has 39% of intensive care occupied, 36% of the regular ones, and 34% of the ventilators with delicate patients.

In Greater Santo Domingo in the Public Health Network, there are centers such as Félix María Goico and Rodolfo de la Cruz that have 100% of the ICU beds exhausted. In the latter, all the ventilators are also in use.

Other hospitals where the availability for Covid patients is exhausted are Francisco Moscoso Puello, with 62% of the beds occupied, 60% of the ICUs, and 100% of the ventilators.

In the Marcelino Vélez Santana, 75% of the regular beds are occupied, 50% of the ICU, and 100% of the ventilators.

There are no patients admitted to regular beds in the Maternal and Child Health City, but 22% and 44% of the ventilators are occupied in the ICU.

Private centers

Cedimat has 73% of the ICU beds for covid occupied, with only three available yesterday. A similar situation has the Plaza de la Salud that although only 25% of the regular beds are inhabited, in the ICU, 67% are in use. The Cruz Jiminián Clinic currently has 45% of the beds occupied and 57% of the ICUs. The Corominas Clinic in Santiago has 83% of the beds occupied, 80% of the ICUs, and 55% of the ventilators.

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