Health May 12, 2021 | 2:02 pm

Minister of Health on vaccination of young people: “they are on a very good pace”

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, informed on Wednesday that young people in the country are doing very well with vaccinations. Rivera assured that this sector of the population is coming to be inoculated, despite adults and older adults in the centers.

“The young people are doing very well. We continue to encourage them to go. All the vaccines are ready for them. We are waiting for all those over 18 years of age,” declared Rivera at the exit of the mass for the celebration of the International Nurses Day at the Primada de America Cathedral.

The official did not specify the number of young people who have received the antigen but said that 156,000 people received the dose yesterday.

He emphasized that public and private institutions joined in the immunization of their employees in addition to this figure.

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