Health May 18, 2021 | 7:26 am

Dominican Republic vaccinates ‘at a good pace’

A health worker collects a swab sample for a coronavirus COVID-19 test at a school in Santo Domingo, on October 31, 2020. - The City Council of the National District is carrying out an operation of PCR tests and rapid tests to residents in the "Mejoramiento Social" area. Dominican Republic has recorded 127,018 people infected of which 2,245 have died, authorities reported. (Photo by Erika SANTELICES / AFP) (Photo by ERIKA SANTELICES/afp/AFP via Getty Images)

Santo Domingo.-  The vaccination plan is progressing at a good pace. What has been the “secret” and what has been the cost?

Raquel Peña, vice president: “It has developed very well thus far, and the secret is to be attentive, minute by minute. “

“We have had to attend to two aspects: that the highest number of vaccines arrive as soon as possible in the Dominican Republic and in parallel with that, develop a massive national vaccination plan.”

“Our goal is that these vaccines arrive immediately, last the shortest time possible in the refrigerator and that they are applied quickly to achieve immunization of the largest number of people in the shortest time.”

“The amount of resources invested not only in vaccines, but for the treatment of COVID-19 in the RD $ 16,000,000,000 (sixteen billion pesos) but that also includes the purchase and acquisition of PCR tests, treatment, masks and clean hands.”

“Regarding the cost of vaccines, the biggest cost would be that it could not reach the Dominican Republic. This is a war that we are waging worldwide and the only thing we have to fight is the application of a vaccine at the precise time.”

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