Health May 19, 2021 | 3:02 pm

ICU bed occupancy resembles July 2020 peak

In the State hospital network, the occupancy of ICU beds reached 81% in the capital.

Yesterday eight new deaths were reported due to Covid-19, while 5,318 tests, 530 cases were positive.

Santo Domingo, DR

Yesterday, the intensive care beds for the admission of patients with Covid-19 in the hospital network-Covid of Greater Santo Domingo showed an occupancy rate of 75%, reaching 81% in public hospitals and 69% private clinics.

If this trajectory of increase continues, the population could relive what happened in June, July, and August of last year, especially the last two weeks of July, when occupancy reached around 100% of the beds available in Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago. These two territories have maintained the highest pressure of hospitalizations.

The ventilators also show a high occupation in Greater Santo Domingo, reaching yesterday 67% of the available equipment, rising to 90% in hospitals and 36% in private clinics. Of the regular Covid beds, the occupancy reported through the official monitoring system was 55%, with 51% in hospitals and 60% in clinics.

Intensive care patients
Yesterday the national average occupancy of Covid ICU beds was 58%, with 302 patients admitted. In the private sector, occupancy was 50%, and in the public sector 68%. Ventilators enabled for patients with the virus are 48% occupied with 191 patients under assisted ventilation, 65% in hospitals, and 32% in clinics. In regular Covid beds, occupancy is 33%, with 798 patients hospitalized.

Increased bed pressure
Although the country has had different peaks of the virus that have triggered alerts of high bed occupancy, it has been in the last half of last July when the health system received one of the most elevated bed occupancy pressures for patients with the Covid-19 virus.

At that time, according to the epidemiological surveillance records of the Ministry of Public Health, bed occupancy was above 94%, with more significant stress on intensive care units and ventilators, with occupancies of almost 100% in ICU, where patients admitted in that area exceed 300 and positivity exceeded 30%.

In June 2020, bed occupancy reached 71% in Greater Santo Domingo.

Deaths and cases
The country reported yesterday eight new deaths due to Covid-19, bringing the number of deaths due to the disease to 3,598, of which more than 46% had hypertension or diabetes as a comorbidity.

Yesterday, 530 new Covid cases were registered out of 5,318 samples processed, bringing the daily positivity to 16.80% and that of the last four weeks to 11.97%.

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