Health June 4, 2021 | 8:10 am

Covid-19 rages in 21 provinces raising the positivity of tests

Faced with the wave of infections, the government has responded with a massive vaccination campaign for the entire population. HELENNY AMPARO

Santo Domingo, DR

At least 21 provinces presented a daily positivity of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 between 10% and 25% of the samples processed, figures that exceed the control percentages established by international organizations.

The number of active cases of people who remain positive with the Covid-19 virus detected by laboratory tests rose yesterday to 50,242, with the entry into the system of 1,439 new cases of confirmed infection.

The daily positivity at the national level was 26.22%, indicating that out of every 100 laboratory samples processed in the last 24 hours, more than 26 were positive for the virus. In addition, positivity for the previous four weeks rose to 15.98%.

The provinces with the highest daily positivity indicators are San Juan, with 25.26%; San Cristóbal, 25.03%; followed by the National District with 23.16%; Barahona with 22.36%, Santo Domingo with 21.70%, Peravia with 20.05% and La Altagracia, with 18.44%.

Likewise, 1,439 new positive cases of the virus were detected out of a total of 8,319 samples processed, for a cumulative record of 297,119 confirmed cases since March 1, 2020, to date.

The special bulletin Covid 441 also includes the report of five new deaths due to the disease, for a complete account of 3,642 deaths nationwide.

69% ICU occupancy rate
Yesterday’s report gave reports of 1,303 patients hospitalized due to the virus for an average occupancy rate of 50% of the beds available in the Covid hospital network.

In Intensive Care Units (ICU), 424 patients were reported admitted for an occupancy rate of 69% of the critical care beds. There were 284 patients on ventilators, which indicates an average occupancy rate of 58% of the equipment available for the care of patients with the virus.

The system has captured 1,118 affected health workers within the risk groups, 1,017 pregnant women, and 32,498 children under 20 years of age.

Minister: there are more beds
The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, reported that hospital occupancy due to Covid-19 has improved in Greater Santo Domingo and private clinics where more beds have been added to cope with the over-demand of infections due to the disease.

Rivera indicated that hospitals such as Moscoso Puello and Marcelino Vélez have been decongesting with Covid-19 patients.

He reiterated that the government continues to bet on vaccination to reduce infections and hospitalizations due to the virus.

He denied that there is a shortage of oxygen, as has been indicated by various sectors.


Raquel Arbaje calls to get vaccinated

The First Lady Raquel Arbaje called the population to go to the vaccination centers assuring that “there is no chip, there is no magnet, it is a vaccine like the one they gave us for polio,” she said when referring to unhealthy comments spread by some people.

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