Health June 5, 2021 | 7:40 am

The numbers of infections do not drop below a thousand per day

They rise to 12,601 cases of Covid infections in 10 days.


Santo Domingo, DR

Since May 26, the country maintains a record of diagnoses of more than 1,000 new cases of Covid-19 infection per day, except for a single day when 876 cases were reported.

Since then, 12,601 new positive cases have been diagnosed, with daily records ranging from 876 to 1,765 cases per day. At the same time, the demand for medical attention and hospital admission continues to increase.

May 26, 2021: 1,702 cases were reported in the system and the sequence of following days was 1,765; 1,254; 1,238; 1,384 infections; 876 which was the lowest figure, continuing with 1,235 cases; 1,659; 1,439 and 1,295 new cases registered yesterday.

71% occupancy in ICU
The national average occupancy rate of intensive care beds (ICU) rose to 71% with 428 hospitalized patients, while in the metropolitan area, this indicator rises to 78%.

In regular or intermediate care beds, the country registered yesterday 1,329 hospitalized patients for a national occupancy of 51% of the beds available for patients with the virus. These figures rose to 72% in Greater Santo Domingo.

Yesterday, 292 patients were connected to ventilators for an occupancy rate of 61% of the equipment available. In the National District and Santo Domingo, the occupation of ventilators is 72%.

27% positivity
In the last 24 hours, the country processed 7,093 laboratory samples, with 1,295 positive.

Of every 100 samples tested yesterday, 27 were positive for the virus, placing the daily positivity at 27.08%, while the positivity of the last four weeks rose to 16.68%.

To date, 298,414 positive diagnoses of the Covid-19 virus have been reported in the country, of which 51,076 were active infections. A total of 243,692 patients have recovered.

Four deaths
In yesterday’s report, four new deaths were also reported, bringing the country’s total number of Covid-19 deaths to 3,646. Twenty-eight percent of those who have died from the infectious disease had hypertension as their underlying disease, and 17.55% had diabetes.

To date, 1,120 health workers, 1,017 pregnant women, and 32,623 minors have been infected. Some 136,000 doses of vaccines were administered on the first day of the Community Vaccination Day.

For the card
Altagracia de la Cruz, 45 years old, decided to leave her home yesterday to go to a vaccination center at the Maria Auxiliadora Club to receive her first vaccination in the face of a coronavirus outbreak. Her primary motivation for going to get vaccinated was “because they are saying that one must present the card everywhere to be able to go to some places.”

“I feel good, I got my first vaccination. Well, but apart from the situation of having to present the vaccination endorsement at the different sites, I came to get vaccinated also for my health,” said De la Cruz. The lady added that a few months ago, she suffered from the virus; simultaneously, she considered the viral process as a difficult moment.

“I got Ccovid, it was a difficult process even though I was asymptomatic, I took the test and it was positive, then I started to have crises but I got better,” she added.

He encourages young people.
José García, a member of the National Police, after waiting for his minutes of rest in the San Gabriel parish, said that he felt “very well.” But, at the same time, he expressed that “it is necessary to get this done because this is bad, it is necessary to get vaccinated and one who works with people in the street must protect oneself.”

He took the opportunity to urge the Dominican youth to leave the “teteos.”

Under the sun’s rays, Amelia Victoria López, 71 years old, accompanied a relative, 18 years old, said: “I got vaccinated for my health.”

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