Health June 19, 2021 | 7:05 am

Mass vaccination begins in the South and East of the country

Barahona registers a high level of infections.

Barahona, DR

 The Government continues with the National Vaccination Day in the national territory, but with a particular focus during this weekend in the southern and eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, visited the province of Barahona on Friday, especially the Jaime Sánchez Hospital (HJS), due to reports of a lack of nurses and materials in that health center to care for patients.

He assured that to free that province from the coronavirus, which has had a high incidence of covid-19 cases in recent days, 49,000 people must be vaccinated.

Despite this, the day in this province began with great timidity because the doses from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac arrived after noon on Friday.

In the same way, the rains that affected the national territory caused the citizens of that southern part of the country to be timid.

Tomorrow it is expected that there will be a change in the population, and they will come en masse to be inoculated.

So far in Barahona, there are 96,248 people vaccinated, of which 73,178 have the first dose and 23,070 the two. In his participation in the HJS, the Minister of Health assured that the nurses affected by the virus have already returned to their work while ensuring that the necessary services were offered at the hospital.

“But to say that the Jaime Sánchez Hospital is not providing a service, is an act of injustice, where there are specialists for Covid, there are pulmonologists and there are internists,” said Rivera.

On the other hand, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) board of directors, Nelson Arroyo, led the vaccination day in San Pedro de Macorís. Together with Indotel staff is the Ministry of Women and National Assets, who indicated that 44 vaccination centers have been enabled throughout the province and that they are planning to reach the goal of inoculating 134,000 people. “The goal is to vaccinate 134,000 Macorisans who are of inoculation age and have not yet done so.”

The ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, urged the population to continue being vaccinated as the only safe measure to combat the health crisis that affects the country caused by Covid-19. Citizen Participation also invited the population to get vaccinated.

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