Health July 19, 2021 | 7:50 am

Dominican Gov. presses to reach 70% vaccination goal

Santo Domingo.- Although La Altagracia (east) is the first province to reach the goal of 70% of its population vaccinated with the two-dose plan, the Dominican Government is making efforts so that other provinces soon reach that objective, which has prompted the authorities to carry out house-to-house operations and to deploy ministers and general directors nationwide.

“We are now working at home, where people for some reason are far from the vaccination point. We have staff who travel to those areas, to ensure that those who are far away can also be vaccinated. If they do not come to the vaccine, we go where they are,” said inspector general of Santo Domingo Este (SDE), Luis Darío González.

To reach rugged places such as mountainous areas, health personnel travel on motorcycles.

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