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Gamma variant has high incidence in the country

Yesterday there were 168 patients in ICU beds. ARCHIVE/

The average age of patients in whom the Gamma or Brazilian variant was detected is 44 years and 50 years in the Alpha or British.

Santo Domingo, DR

The Gamma or Brazilian variant continues to have a substantial presence in the country, according to the results of the first samples sequenced at the Dr. Defilló National Laboratory to determine the circulation of the variants of interest and concern of the Covid-19 virus.

This variant of concern, together with the Alpha or British variant, was identified in several country provinces in positive samples of the Covid-19 virus taken from July 15 to August 5.

It was determined that the average age of the patients where the Gamma variant was identified is 44 years old, and the Alpha variant is 50 years old, for an average of 42 years, which shows that the young population is the primary transmitter of the virus.

The details were offered yesterday by the National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, Ronald Skewes, when he explained that 849 samples were processed, finding variants of interest and concern in 133 of them.

He highlighted the progress that means that the country can now identify these variables because this allows to maintain closer surveillance and make more timely interventions.

Active cases decrease
While the country continues to show a low incidence of the Covid-19 virus at the national level, all behavioral indicators showing a downward trend, active cases of the Covid-19 virus continue to decline in the country, with a record yesterday 8,121 patients with the virus. In the last 24 hours, only 282 new positive cases were registered, most of them in Santo Domingo, the National District, and Santiago.

Epidemiological bulletin number 510 issued yesterday by its General Directorate of Epidemiology (DIGEPI) records that 4,665 laboratory samples were processed in the last 24 hours with a daily positivity of 8.15% and the previous four weeks of 7.12%.

The total number of positive cases registered to date is 344,836, of which 330,506 are listed as recovered.

Hospital occupancy
The Hospital Network has 2,623 COVID beds, of which 499 were occupied yesterday for a 19% occupancy rate; 168 patients were reportedly admitted to intensive care for an occupancy rate of 27% during the occupancy.


The greatest pressure of hospitalization in public and private health centers in Greater Santo Domingo comes from patients who do not have Covid-19, but with noncommunicable diseases such as heart attacks, especially heart attacks, brain and cancer.

Yesterday, most of the centers had an average occupancy of 71% of their regular beds. In some establishments of 75% and 100% in ICU beds and ventilators inwards of patients without the virus ventilators is 23%.

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