Health August 20, 2021 | 10:59 am

Over 48,000 people recover from COVID-19 in a month

Santo Domingo.– More than 48,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 in a month, according to the epidemiological bulletins issued daily by the Public Health Ministry.

According to the reports, between July 18 and August 18, a total of 48,457 people overcame the disease, while 72 died from the virus. In that period, 9,259 citizens tested positive for COVID-19.

To date, 5,052 active cases of coronavirus are reported in the country. A month ago the authorities reported 53,581 people with the virus. As of July 28, the positive cases were below 20,000.

Meanwhile, hospital occupancy of coronavirus patients in intensive care fell by 21%, from 42% on July 18 to 21% on August 18. The use of hospital beds fell from 27% to 17% and the use of ventilators from 32% to 17%.

n that sense, the president of the Sanitary City, Dr. José Joaquín Puello, reported that the Luis Eduardo Aybar Maternal and Child Hospital, a center that was enabled to care for COVID-19 patients, is completely unoccupied.

“With regard to COVID-19 there has been a decrease in hospitalization, especially in severe cases, which is where mortality and morbidity are. At the Maternal and Child Hospital we have the capacity of 110 intensive care beds, and as of today we do not have a single inpatient,” said the doctor.

Vaccination continues
Public Health minister Daniel Rivera reported that the vaccination process continues to develop normally on a national scale and the centers are open, while in some urban areas there is a staff that is providing the vaccine at home.

He said that, with the exception of some support centers such as universities that close on weekends, there are about 1,453 vaccination posts open with vaccines available for the entire population.

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