Health October 12, 2021 | 12:22 pm

Covid: 5 deaths, pregnant women increase in cases

Coronavirus virus outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cells as a 3D render

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Public Health reported Tuesday an increase in coronavirus infections in pregnant women, after reporting that the number of pregnant women went from 1,232 on Monday to 1,358, that is, 126 new cases.

It reports five new deaths from COVID-19.

The health authorities urged pregnant women to get their corresponding dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, after the first trimester of pregnancy or when indicated by their doctor.

Likewise, it calls to maintain hygiene measures, frequent hand washing, use of alcohol gel or spray, and it is essential to use a mask and physical distancing to avoid contagion during this process.

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