Health March 8, 2022 | 8:11 am

Dominican Gov. halts vaccination as Covid cases plunge

Santo Domingo.- The low turnout at the different vaccination posts in recent weeks, added to the low hospital occupancy in Covid areas, the low number of new registered cases and the elimination of restrictions such as the mandatory use of masks and presentation of the vaccination card, have motivated the Health authorities to begin the closure of several inoculation centers.

A clear example is that, during the week of January 17 to 23, according to the VacúnateRD via Instagram, the eight health areas that make up Greater Santo Domingo had 128 vaccination centers available. In this Monday’s update, from March 7 to 13, only 105 positions are listed in operation.

At the height of the pandemic, up to 1,400 positions were enabled throughout the country.

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Mr. Sensible
March 8, 2022 7:52 pm

That is simply because we have new news to worry about.