Health October 19, 2022 | 2:44 pm

Public health issues epidemiological alert for influenza

The Ministry of Public Health called for vaccination in risk groups on Wednesday along with the release of a preventive epidemiological alert for seasonal influenza. Dr. Eladio Pérez, the deputy minister of health, reported this and identified the most susceptible populations for the flu as being children under the age of five, pregnant women, the elderly, people with comorbid conditions, and medical professionals.

He urged them to visit the various vaccination facilities where the biological is given away free of charge in this way. The installation of tents in all maternity hospitals, provincial directorates, and DPS/DAS health regions was mandated by the ministry.

The virus spreads easily from one person to another through tiny particles coughed up and sneezed out by the other person. Eladio Pérez stated that vaccination is crucial, as are hygiene precautions, because people under five, adults over 65, people with chronic diseases like HIV-AIDS, cancer, and medical personnel who are exposed to patients tend to develop a higher risk of complications.

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