Health August 18, 2023 | 8:23 am

Executive director of the National Health Insurance says the Dominican Republic has the best health system in Latin America

Santo Domingo.- Santiago Hazim, the Executive Director of the National Health Insurance (Senasa), has confidently declared that the Dominican Republic boasts the most outstanding healthcare system across Latin America and even extends its influence into parts of North America.

This assertion is firmly grounded in the nation’s achievement of universalizing its healthcare system. Notably, the country’s coverage encompasses expenses up to two million pesos for an array of ailments, treatments, and essential medical procedures.

In a recent interview on the Despierta program with CDN, Hazim bolstered his claim by highlighting the extraordinary scope provided by the Dominican health system. He emphasized that this coverage extends to high-cost illnesses like cancer, organ transplants, chemotherapy, intricate surgeries, and neurosurgery.

Furthermore, this comprehensive coverage has yielded tranquility for patients, assuring them protection against various medical conditions, encompassing dialysis and other pathologies. This level of security, Hazim emphasized, is even absent in the United States.

Hazim contrasted the Dominican and American healthcare systems, revealing that in the United States, patients often grapple with substantial hurdles involving costs and prolonged waiting periods for medical care. Conversely, the Dominican health system ensures prompt and accessible care.

Dr. Hazim acknowledged that despite these commendable strides, the Dominican healthcare system still contends with deficiencies. Specifically, he mentioned the need to enhance imaging capabilities, such as X-ray equipment, 3D CT scans, and MRIs. He attributed these shortcomings to a cultural inclination and proximity to the United States, which fosters familiarity with cutting-edge medical technologies and advancements.

He further illustrated the situation, stating that the capacity for expanded coverage requires deliberation. Senasa, for instance, cannot unilaterally decide to cover laparoscopic surgery; an actuarial study by Sisalril (Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks) is imperative to ascertain the frequency of such surgeries in the country, their costs at different facilities, and subsequently determine an average allocation for each ARS.

In closing, Hazim underlined the paramount importance of upholding the stability of social security and the healthcare system within the nation.

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Carlos Hernandez
August 22, 2023 2:44 pm

Really ?

Carlos Hernandez
August 23, 2023 2:14 pm

Why don’t I believe you.