Health January 19, 2024 | 9:02 am

HOMS achieves milestone: first robotic thoracic surgeries

Santiago, DR.– In a groundbreaking development, a team of doctors at the Santiago Metropolitan Hospital (HOMS), led by thoracic surgeon Jonathan Vargas, has successfully conducted three robotic lobectomies for lung cancer – a first in the country.

These cutting-edge surgeries contribute to the impressive tally of over 1,700 robotic surgical interventions at HOMS. The hospital has maintained optimal results, with no mortality and minimal complications well below the international average over nearly 11 years of experience.

Dr. Héctor Sánchez Navarro, Deputy Director of HOMS, expressed pride in the hospital’s continued advancement and role as the standard-bearer for robotic surgery in the Dominican Republic. The hospital now encompasses six specialties conducting robotic procedures, with the recent addition of thoracic surgery to existing specialties such as urology, oncology, obesity, gynecology, and colorectal surgeries.

Highlighting the hospital’s support for entrepreneurial Dominican doctors, Dr. Jonathan Vargas, with these three lung lobectomies, has become the country’s first robotic thoracic surgeon. Dr. Vargas was supported in these interventions by international expert Dr. Luis Herrera in thoracic robotic surgery, along with HOMS specialists Juan Félix Capellán, Director of Surgery, and José Álvarez Torres, Medical Director.

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