Health January 26, 2024 | 1:06 pm

Dengue cases increase in Santiago

Santiago, DR.- The escalation of dengue cases remains a concerning issue, with 22 individuals currently receiving treatment at the Arturo Grullón Regional University Children’s Hospital. Mirna López, the director of the health facility, disclosed that three of these patients are in intensive care. Notably, these cases were referred to the hospital from Montecristi, Puerto Plata, and Dajabón.

While providing an update, López acknowledged that, unfortunately, one death linked to the disease has been confirmed in the region this year. In response to the ongoing challenge, the hospital is actively preparing various areas to effectively manage and care for patients suspected of having dengue or other related pathologies.

Expressing concern for the well-being of the community, López issued a public invitation to remain vigilant for potential warning signs, particularly in children. Symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding, and weakness should prompt immediate attention and medical intervention.

Moreover, considering the recent bouts of rainfall in the region, López cautioned that the existing cases may see an increase. She strongly recommended that individuals take proactive measures to prevent the spread of dengue, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and cooperation to curb the potential surge in cases during this period.

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