Health March 26, 2024 | 9:06 am

CEMDOE presents innovative nursing training program

Santo Domingo.- To propel holistic growth in nursing, the Diabetes, Obesity, and Specialties Medical Center (CEMDOE) has launched a training initiative. This program focuses on bolstering competencies, spanning technical proficiency and interpersonal abilities, in line with its recently introduced Nursing Management Model.

Comprising eight core pillars, the program features five modules dedicated to fostering these competencies, ensuring that CEMDOE’s nursing personnel maintain a standard of excellence in care provision. This initiative adheres to the benchmarks set by the Joint Commission International, underscoring the medical center’s commitment to upholding international standards of quality and patient safety.

The conceptualization and design of this program were spearheaded by Dr. Berniza Calderón, Senior Research Manager; Damaris Durán, Nursing Manager; Gricely Pozo, Medical Director; Maril Núñez, Director of Human Management and Transformation; and Nilaine Alejo, Senior Human Management Manager.

“This launch signifies a significant stride in our continuous mission to enhance the healthcare experience, acknowledging wholeheartedly the pivotal role that nurses play in attending to the needs of our patients and their families,” elucidated Dr. Calderón.

Additionally, the specialist underscored that in the Dominican Republic, the ratio stands at fewer than 4 nurses for every 10,000 inhabitants, with only 30% of those employed in the healthcare sector possessing a university degree.

As for the supplementary workshops integrated into the program, they encompass a diverse array of topics, including care plan design, the significance of reporting and analyzing patient safety incidents, tools for patient and family education, evidence-based nursing practices, and the provision of compassionate care.

CEMDOE undertakes this endeavor with the overarching objective of elevating the quality of care received by its patients throughout the entirety of their healthcare journey, recognizing the indispensable role that nursing staff play in facilitating this process.

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