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Agora Mall: epicenter of Autism Awareness Week

Santo Domingo.- The inauguration of Autism Awareness Week commenced with the unveiling of the exhibition “Multiverse of Colors” by young artist Fernando Gabriel Quiroz Flaviá, in collaboration with public and non-governmental institutions supported by Agora Mall.

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of various representatives from organizations dedicated to autism spectrum advocacy, including Oscar Villanueva, president of Quiéreme como Soy; María Esperanza Haché from Yo También Podemos; Odile Villavizar from Manos Unidas por el Autismo; and Alda Puello from Fundación Integral Autismo e Inclusion Social (FIAIS) of San Cristóbal, as outlined in a press release.

Notable attendees included Henry Rosa Polanco, national director of CAID; Lucía Vásquez, director of Special Education at the Ministry of Education; Claudia Pimentel, executive director of the National Council for Disability (Conadis); deputy José Horacio Rodríguez; Julissa Cruz, executive director of Indotel; Vice Minister of the Presidency Benny Metz; Raddamés de la Rosa, director of Casa Abierta; and his grandson Juan Isaac, who is on the autism spectrum.

Prominent figures from the arts and culture sphere, such as Altagracia Mella Russo, director of the Casa Mella Russo museum, cultural managers Verónica Sención and Juan José Mesa, and representatives from various sectors of society, including Peña for a Better Country comprising businessmen, journalists, lawyers, and others, were also present.

Additionally, vice presidential candidates for the PLD, Zoraima Cuello and Generación de Servidores, Nikauly de la Mota, as well as television presenters Nahiony Reyes and Jatnna Tavárez, and presidents of Pacam, Soraya Lara, and Yanira Fondeur of Life without Violence attended the event.

The objective of the gathering is to promote solidarity and inclusion for individuals with autism and their families through artistic and psychoeducational activities. The Center for Comprehensive Care of People with Disabilities (CAID), Manos Unidas por el Autismo foundation, and the San Cristóbal Comprehensive Autism and Social Inclusion Foundation are actively participating in the week’s agenda.

Organized by the Dialogue Table for Autism under the leadership of journalist Fernando Quiroz, the event aims to spark a national movement towards a more inclusive society.

Rocío Sánchez, Marketing Manager of Agora Mall, emphasized the mall’s commitment as a corporate citizen to support initiatives fostering an inclusive environment for individuals with autism, providing spaces for them to fully participate in society.

Iranna Flaviá Luciano, mother of Fernando Gabriel, expressed gratitude for the exhibition, stating that the dream of showcasing his art had come to fruition.

Fernando Gabriel Quiroz, father of the teenage artist, described the exhibition as a message of hope and inclusion, stressing the healing, inspiring, and connecting power of art. He urged people to challenge stereotypes about autism and recognize the incredible talent and ability of individuals with the condition.

For Fernando’s teacher, Alma Vásquez, witnessing his artistic talents at such a young age is fascinating. María Fals, curator of the exhibition, highlighted the significance of Fernando’s works as bridges that bring us closer to his world, resonating like liberating music.

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