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Bioanalysts union appeals to President Abinader for improved conditions

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Dominican College of Bioanalysts (CODOBIO) has called upon the intervention of the President of the Republic to address a series of grievances aimed at enhancing the conditions of her union.

María Esther Santos made her plea, stating, “We once again urge President Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona to receive us and consider the legitimate demands we have put forth. We seek solutions that will benefit our professional community.” This appeal was made during a meeting at the organization’s headquarters, attended by its Board of Directors.

Santos emphasized several critical demands on behalf of bioanalysts. These included a call for a 100% salary increase for those in the public sector and the provision of health insurance for retirees. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of ensuring adequate pensions with incentives and salary adjustments in the private sector.

Additional measures advocated by Santos encompassed the automatic implementation of incentives, the creation of new positions, and the reclassification of existing roles. Furthermore, she pushed for the application of a 14th salary, acknowledgment of master’s degrees and specialties, and access to suitable housing for professionals in the field.

Highlighting the significance of the role played by clinical laboratory professionals in both public and private settings, Santos expressed confidence that their demands would be given the due attention and diligence they merit.

The comprehensive list of demands presented to President Luis Abinader includes:

  • A 100% salary increase for bioanalysts employed in the public sector, decentralized bodies, boards of trustees, and NGOs.
  • Salary adjustments and review of retirement benefits for retired bioanalysts, particularly those with monthly incomes ranging between 8,000 and 15,000 pesos, alongside comprehensive medical insurance coverage.
  • Ensuring 100% decent pensions with incentives for tenure and the unification of job categories.
  • Implementation of salary increases and adjustments for bioanalysts in the private sector.
  • Automation of incentive applications for service time, distance, and border postings, ensuring acquired rights are implemented automatically.
  • Facilitation of new appointments for bioanalysts.
  • Continuation of position reclassification processes and designation changes.
  • Implementation of a 14th salary.
  • Recognition of master’s degrees and specialties for bioanalysts.
  • Inclusion of bioanalysts in housing projects.
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