Health May 13, 2024 | 9:34 am

Residents protest thermoelectric vessels in Azua

Azua, DR.- Residents in the Azua province voiced their opposition to the installation of thermoelectric vessels aimed at boosting energy production, citing concerns over polluting emissions.

Protesters gathered near Los Negros beach in Azua province, chanting slogans and holding candlelight vigils to mourn the environmental impact. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the presence of the vessels, denouncing them as harmful to the environment.

“Those who want the vessels can take them away,” and “The criminal vessels must be removed,” they exclaimed. The demonstrators marched to the beach, where the vessels are visible a few meters offshore, donning caps and shirts emblazoned with the slogan “No vessels in Los Negros.”

Environmental authorities granted permits in 2022 for the anchoring of two vessels, with the aim of increasing thermoelectric generation in the area from 180 MW to 400 MW. The permits were issued following an evaluation process, as stated by the firm in a statement released in March 2023.

Local residents have reported emissions of smoke and wastewater discharge from the vessels operated by the Turkish company Karadeniz Holding. “Human health is being compromised here. The ecology, mangroves, and marine species are all being affected,” remarked one protester.

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Paul Tierney
May 13, 2024 10:21 am

It seems there is no happy medium no matter what the issues. The people complain about lack of full-time electric service. Then, when they do receive a benefit of additional electric distribution the complaint now is about the fashion it is provided.

It all the payola mones spent to benefit the pockets of the entitled was used properly it could be argued there would be no electric distribution or pollution headache.