Health May 17, 2024 | 9:22 am

CEMDOE expands services, reinforcing commitment to quality and safety in healthcare

Santo Domingo.- With the aim of providing a comprehensive and safe healthcare environment for its patients, the Medical Center for Diabetes, Obesity, and Specialties (CEMDOE) has officially commenced the expansion of its services. This expansion, with an approximate investment of 22 million dollars, will include a modern emergency and stabilization area, as well as hospitalization services and an intensive care unit, providing a complete medical care environment.

Mariela Vicini, founder of CEMDOE, expressed that “the addition of these new services reflects our unwavering commitment to offer the most comprehensive care, covering all the needs of our patients and accompanying them in every step of their recovery.”

Furthermore, this expansion will also add more than 30 new beds, 4 high-complexity operating rooms, an endoscopy room, and a hemodynamics unit, significantly increasing the medical center’s capacity for care. Additionally, this includes expanding support services such as sterilization central, hospital laundry, among others.

“This expansion symbolizes our continuous effort to provide not only comprehensive healthcare but also safe in all aspects,” states Dr. Gastón Gabin, CEO of CEMDOE. “As the first medical center in the Dominican Republic accredited by the Joint Commission International, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, now towards its hospital version, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care in an environment that supports their well-being.”

In addition to the inclusion of these new services, CEMDOE continues to invest in digitalization through its digital medical record, which evolves at the hospital level and will allow comprehensive and coordinated patient care in all the healthcare services offered by the center, optimizing the quality and efficiency of care.

To date, CEMDOE offers more than 40 clinical specialties, through which they have impacted 80,000 patients in healthcare. Additionally, it generates more than 400 direct and indirect jobs, and with this expansion, more than 150 additional jobs are expected. This not only strengthens the operational capacity of the center for quality patient care but also contributes to the development of the healthcare sector in the country.

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