Health June 25, 2024 | 4:03 pm

Saharan dust arrives in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Meteorologist Jean Suriel announced via social media that a Saharan dust cloud will arrive in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday afternoon. He indicated that precipitation will primarily affect areas in the northwest, north, and Central Mountain Range, with showers expected in the northeast, south, and southeast between 5 and 8 PM. Additionally, Wave number 12 will traverse the Caribbean Sea.

Suriel cautioned individuals allergic to Saharan dust particles to take preventive measures due to the heightened risk of allergic reactions.

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Looking ahead to Wednesday, he forecasted a very hazy sky and hot conditions due to the Saharan cloud. Remnants of the wave may lead to scattered rains in the northeast, northwest, mountainous regions, and the south.

By Thursday, the intensity of the Saharan dust is expected to diminish slightly, although it will still contribute to respiratory allergies and oppressive heat. Increased precipitation is anticipated in the Cibao and mountainous areas.

Moving into Friday and Saturday, Suriel predicted reduced Saharan dust levels and the arrival of Tropical Wave number 14, which could bring extended periods of rain and raise the potential for localized flooding.

He concluded that on Sunday, remnants of the tropical wave will likely continue to bring moderate to heavy rainfall across the Dominican Republic.

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