Local January 4, 2011 | 11:28 am

Dominican-Haiti border market to reopen as cholera fears subside

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- As Army soldiers and Immigration Agency inspectors round up and repatriate hundreds of undocumented Haitians in the effort to halt the spread of cholera, Justice Ministry and city council officials announced that the cross border market held twice weekly will reopen on Friday, while the fear of local authorities subsides.

The Health Ministry had closed the market more than one month ago alleging that poor sanitary conditions, lack of latrines and dirty surroundings stoked fears that cholera would enter from Haiti.

The market’s announced reopening comes after the authorities said the condition of poor hygiene had been corrected.

The mayor Luís Manuel Féliz, quoted by media outlet listin.com.do, also announced a donation of 600 cubit meters of aggregates by the company Cementos Andinos, to fill the areas where the rains cause mud.

Military and Public Health officials have met with farmers and coffee growers in the last few days, and agreed to halt the transport of farm products from Haiti.

Buts despite the order to temporarily shut the facility, Dominican and Haitian vendors remain in the area near the market, prompting complains from community residents.

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