Local January 4, 2011 | 7:55 am

Holidays claimed the lives of 105 Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- The Christmas and New Year festivities claimed the lives of 105 people, 72 of those from traffic accidents, two from alcohol and 31 in brawls and shootouts, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported Monday.

COE director Juan Manuel Méndez said 574 people were involved the traffic accidents, 502 of those were injured, and more than 100 were affected by alcohol, of which two died.

The official said more than 60,000 people were deployed throughout the effort to prevent accidents

The Police reported 25 people died in brawls and other disputes, four at the hands of criminals and two in shootouts.

Mendez said 17 people got sick from food poisoning and 775 others from various causes, noting an increase in the number of deaths from traffic accidents, "especially motorcycles."

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