Local January 11, 2011 | 11:41 am

Strike-prone town braces for more

Santiago.- Local organizations of the strike prone town Licey al Medio today began a 48 hour shutdown which snarled business, classes and transport in the zone to demand a probe into the murder of Alfredo Antonio Gomez (Yito), a student and popular leader gunned down by police in another protest nearly three months ago.

Its leaders affirm it’s a peaceful protest, though the main roads to the north central Espaillat province towns Monte la Jagua and Canca la Reyna, were blocked with tree limbs, trash and burning tires.

Meanwhile in the Santiago province communities Licey and Las Palomas a similar situation prompted the deployment of many police agents to quell any potential rioting, as traffic was reduced to a trickle since early today.

More than 50 community organizations support the protest, demanding answers to Gomez’s death.

Victor Bretón, of the leftist organization Falpo, said despite that the alleged crime occurred three months ago, no one has been arrested and the investigation they demand hasn’t begun.

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