Local January 12, 2011 | 8:52 am

The country’s “owners” snarl commute again

SANTO DOMINGO. – Thousands of commuters were left stranded early Wednesday as several groups of bus owners left them parked to participate in a protest in front of the Industry and Commerce Ministry.

The buses were parked along 27 de Febrero avenue as part of the protest to demand that Government halt the increase of fuel prices.

Juan Hubieres, president of the FENATRANO group of bus owners, demands that the Government solve what he calls the problem of transport that affects the people.

Several groups, mostly of the urban zones, have said they reject the increase in fares, whereas the interurban bus operators have already raised it.

On Tuesday Ramon Perez Figuereo, of the group (CNTU), said the protest against Industry and Commerce will be peaceful. He also announced a march in the Pantoja sector of Santo Domingo West at 4 p.m., to protest the fuel price increase.

Both Hubieres and Perez Figuereo form part of the bus owner groups, which the media has dubbed “Dominican Republic’s owners,” from the fear they strike in the Government with their repeated and often violent protests.

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