Local January 17, 2011 | 2:51 pm

Interior and Police readies bill to limit booze in colmados

Santo Domingo.- The Interior and Police Ministry on Monday revealed it has the first draft of a bill ready to submit to Congress, to ban the sale of alcohol in colmados, liquor stores and other businesses after 10 p.m.

Interior and Police vice minister Ana Silvia Moronta said a Gallup survey found that 90% of the population supports the planned legislation, while 76% of those polled agree with banning its sale for consumption in colmados, gas stations and liquor stores, among others.

She said that the planned legislation also prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public spaces such as sidewalks, avenues, gutters and green areas without the Interior and Police’s authorization.

Moronta added that it would also ban its sales to students in uniform regardless of their age; uniformed military and police on service and to the people who are visibly inebriated.

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