Local January 19, 2011 | 1:35 pm

Another hearing for Puerto Rican kingpin’s alleged partner

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Supreme Court Penal Chamber rescheduled the hearing on the U.S. extradition request for Ramon Antonio del Rosario Puente (Toño Leña ) until the La Romana Collegiate Court confirms that the drug trafficking charges pending against him have been.

Del Rosario’s defense lawyer Ramon Pina Acevedo said the Supreme Court ruling was correct.

Under the court’s tight security strictd measures, del Rosario’s mother was allowed to hug the man many say a lord in the drugs underworld, to the point that the Leña part of his nickname means to club. He was allegedly the top supplier of drugs to Puerto Rican kingpin José Figueroa Agosto.

Though del Rosario has reiterated not fearing extradition, he won’t voluntarily accept it either. “Here and there I’m innocent,” he told reporters.

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