Local January 19, 2011 | 8:22 am

Dominican Republic Cardinal again slams the U.S. on Haiti row

SANTO DOMINGO.– Santo Domingo’s Archbishop said Tuesday that a United States senior diplomat’s warning of sanctions against the country for allegedly allowing people trafficking, only seeks to tarnish Dominican Republic’s image internationally.

Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, who often rebukes the U.S. stance on local issues, said Dominican Republic has done more for Haiti than the United States, and called the statement by U.S. State Department senior official Luis CdeBaca, “unacceptable nonsense.”

Dominican Republic’s Catholic Cardinal, speaking after a mass in the Catedral Primada de America to mark the 56th anniversary of the State-Owned Power Companies, said the Americans know that Dominican Republic has done more for Haiti than they have, even with the limited opportunities.

He said when he heard the report “I laughed very very hared, because if there is a country in the world that is zealous with its borders, of its emigrants, it’s the United States, and it’s always expelling undocumented people from its territory, and an example of that is that it created a law that tags the immigrants as criminals.”

He also slammed the United Nations, affirming that although they have agents in the neighboring country, what they are doing is tourism, and often prostituting people.

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