Local January 25, 2011 | 7:47 am

Police arrest alleged killers of Internal Affairs colonel

Santo Domingo.- The charges against the alleged murderers of Police colonel Virgilio Casilla Minaya, investigator of the Internal Affairs Division, may be presented as early as today, while more than 40 active and cancelled enlisted and officers have been interrogated in connection with the crime so far.

“There are some under arrest and we are in the process of sorting the names to specify each one’s responsibility,” said a source to listin.com.do last night.

Since the first day the investigators concentrated on Casilla’s latest investigations, involving several mid to senior rank officers accused of assaults, extortion and drug trafficking and other crimes.

Also investigated is Casilla’s own denunciation days before his murder, that he was offered RD$50,000 to remove from a file two Police officials linked to a gang of extortionists. He rejected the bribe however and handed over the investigation to his superiors.

“There are clear indicators and the people responsible for such an execrable crime will be captured,” said Police spokesman Máximo Báez Aybar last night.

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