Local January 25, 2011 | 8:07 am

Several men are sought for death of Haitian boy in torched shacks

Santo Domingo.- The Police announced Monday that it looks for several people accused of setting four houses afire in the village Batey Altagracia, Barahona (southwest) Sunday night, where a three year old boy died.

It said the group tried to kill the boy’s father, a Haitian, in revenge for his allegedly beating and taking a shotgun together with other compatriots, from a Dominican security guard of the Monte Grande Dam construction site.

The Police said the infant Obenson Pie was found burned underneath the charred rubble of one of the four shacks.

It said it looks for Melvin Pie, the boy’s father, in connection with the beating the watchman Victor Matos, 42, who has several fractures, and for the missing gun.

The Police added that an old human skull was also found in the crime scene, allegedly used by Pie for witchcraft.

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