Local January 28, 2011 | 7:37 am

Dominican town goes vigilante on crime wave

Santiago.- The businesspersons of the Moca and Licey al Medio Farm Producers Association (Aproamoli) decided to create armed defense groups to patrol the streets of those municipalities, to deal with the spate of burglaries and holdups, local media report.

The group of 280 farmers plans to buy vehicles for patrols and say the Police aren’t capable of confronting the thugs.

Aproamoli president Ambiorix Cabrera said to start, 20 men will form the groups to patrol in three or four cars and pickup trucks. He said the criminals have stolen their freedom to be out and about.

The concern stems from several assaults to relatives of the business leaders, including Cabrera’s daughter.

Cabrera said several area farms have been burglarized and their guns stolen. “We call on the competent authorities, if they exist in this country, to intervene because we are so indignant that we’re trying to form armed groups to resist the criminality.”

He said they will not allow the criminals to take over their towns, adding that the National Police, the Interior and Police Ministry and the Justice Ministry have resorted to blaming each other.

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