Local January 28, 2011 | 3:04 pm

The Catholic Church slams Dominican Republic’s “owners”

SANTIAGO.- The Catholic Church on Friday called the country’s public transport “a shame” and affirms that Dominicans have withstood that “Calvary” for decades, imposed by what the media calls, “the country’s owners.”

“The numerous resources invested by different governments, to provide the population a clean, punctual and decent service, have fallen into a bottomless pit,” affirm the prelates in the Santiago Archdiocese’s weekly publication Camino.

It said given the transport business’ trickery and extortions, its leaders flaunt scandalous wealth based on the sufferings of a population which lacks efficient officials, who are hurt by the squandering of government properties. “As the years pass the driver unions have become the nemesis of those who must use this inefficient and anarchical public transport service.”

Camino affirms that they’ve been astonished upon noting that in exchange for their attitude those businessmen receive prizes and rewards, transforming them arrogant and petulant, and are acquiring a power, which in its view “we’ll regret if it isn’t halted on time.”

It adds that violence is the most primitive response by those which the local media has called “the country’s owners” and sees how they become kings when any effort arises to make them adhere to the law. “We cannot continue with this disorder. For years Latin American countries with a socioeconomic situation similar to ours have had an organized and efficient public transport.”

The Catholic bishops said the country would save currencies, have less pollution, significantly less road congestion and the poorest would have economic relief.

It asks how it is possible that we still have small vehicles, which can barely fit six passengers

It adds that the anchored sophism that passenger vehicle drivers are humble fathers of a family remains entrenched in history, delaying measures which had to be taken, such

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