Local October 12, 2011 | 8:36 am

Judges’ “union” makes demands

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Independent Judges Association yesterday asked Congress to comply with Law 194-04 which allocates 4.10 percent of government revenue to the Judicial Branch.

Its president Jose Alberto Cruceta, and vice president Yudelka Villanueva said they expect Congress will approve the budget submitted by the Judicial Branch Council, of RD$6.03 billion. “We vehemently demand that Congress approves the Judicial Branch’s amount submitted by the Judicial Branch Council, for the sum of 6.03 billion pesos.”

They were accompanied by the also “unionized” judges Nancy Salcedo, Maria Garabito, Argenis Garcia, Coronoado Radhar, Aloides Matías, Francisco Carrasco, Federico Fernandez and Ysis Muniz.

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