Local October 13, 2011 | 11:32 am

Another arrest in 344Ks of cocaine found in Caucedo Port

SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) arrested another man allegedly member of an international drug trafficking network which tried to ship 344 kilos of cocaine to France in a container out of Caucedo Multimodal Port last week.

The DNCD said with Juan Minyety’s arrest the total of suspects linked to the network is now four.

It said Minyeti is being questioned in relation to Savel Rivera Peguero and Xiomisel Rijo, the truck driver and his assistant who took the container to the port, and the freight supervisor Victor Jackson.

DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebrón said the 344 kilos seized October 7 were distributed in 333 packages in container #SUDU-752256-2, aboard a freighter slated to weigh anchor to France.

He said the drug was apparently introduced into the container outside the company Microtes Dominicana in La Romana, owner of the original merchandise, but discarded having any links to drug trafficking. “Everything indicates that container was contaminated outside the company.”

In a statement the DNCD said it doesn’t discard other arrests, adding that it acted on warrants issued in Santo Domingo and La Romana provinces.

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