Local October 17, 2011 | 1:31 pm

Ambassador to the U.S. won’t tolerate unfounded criticism

WASHIGTON DC. – Dominican ambassador to the U.S. Anibal de Castro Monday said he won’t tolerate unfounded criticism against his country, including those relating to illegal Haitian immigration and will be constantly on the lookout to deal with manipulations aimed at denoting his nation internationally, and asked the citizens to take part in the effort.

Speaking to mark the start of the traditional Dominican Week events including several to attract investments and improve the country-brand, the diplomat cited a campaign by nongovernment organizations and Dominican sectors to present the country as waging a policy of State which seeks to repeal the nationality of Dominicans of Haitian descent.

De Castro called United States-Dominican Republic relations satisfactory, without major difficulties thus far. "I’ve found in official Washington an atmosphere of cordiality, genuine compression of our reality and, what’s very important, and willingness for cooperation."

"But of course mutual respect is the base for all good diplomatic relations since diplomacy arose as such, under the understanding that the differences among democratic countries are natural," the Dominican Ambassador said.

The diplomat spoke in the presence of dozens of people who will take part in the annual activities slated for the U.S. capital and New York, who met early in the ambassador’s residence to formally inaugurate the event by hoisting the Dominican flag.

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