Local October 18, 2011 | 1:12 pm

Education protesters camp out in front of Congress

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic deputies had to withstand protesters which picket out front of Congress wilding yellow umbrellas and wearing garments since Monday night, demanding that the deputies postpone approval of the Budget, until it earmarks the 4% for education as the law stipulates.

Gilda Solano, spokeswoman for the demonstrators grouped in the Dignified Education Coalition, said they met with the opposition PRD party deputies today and presented their proposal, where they explained on what the 4% will be spent if approved for the sector, and where the funds could be obtained to satisfy that demand.

They said RD$ 36.7 billion more are needed to reach the Education law’s stipulated allotment, in addition to the Government’s RD$58.6 billion earmarked for 2012.

Solano vowed to continue their fight if the bill is approved without any changes.

The 4 percent demanded by the Coalition was included in the Education Decennial Plan 2008-2018,

It said the country has had Latin America’s fastest growth in the last 36 years, but spending in education has been less than half the regional average and less than the third spent in Caribbean nations.

The protesters awoke early today to music from loudspeakers playing tunes calling for “4%.”

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