Local October 20, 2011 | 9:33 am

Police Chief says no more chums

SANTO DOMINGO.- National Police Jose A. Polanco revealed Wednesday that he’ll seek the firing of the police agents who’ve evaded the retraining process by resorting to godfathers, friends in high places and senior officers

Although he didn’t specify an exact number, Polanco said the retraining is systematic and that many police agents have been fired for illicit activities.

He also blamed the lack of professionalism and the aggressive behavior on the lack of training.

Interviewed in the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse were he was to testify in a trial against alleged hired killers, Polanco added that there are many agents want the of colonel, general and even Chief, without first earning the lower ranks and carrying out their duties of service. “What they create then is a problem, a disturbance to society because they don’t have police training.”

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