Local October 28, 2011 | 9:04 am

Official candidate gets taxpayers’ money, ex President says

Santo Domingo.- Opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía complained to seven international entities, local civil society and business groups in a letter sent Thursday, that taxpayers’ money is going to the ruling party candidate, Danilo Medina.

“The most recent expression of disrespect to the public sending law on the part of the Government is the announcement made by president Leonel Fernandez in New York City, that he’ll use a disbursement of 40 billion pesos equal to 10.28% of the public budget to finance activities of an electioneering character, concealed in social programs and in that manner help revert the poor electoral positioning of his party’s candidate,” the ex president said.

PRD vice-presidential candidate Luis Abinader said his running mate sent the missive to World Bank president Robert Zoellick; Carter Center president John Harman, and OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Inzulsa.

Mejía’s complaint was also sent to European Union ambassador Irene Horejs, Inter-American Development Bank president Luis Alberto Moreno; UN Development Program representative Valerie Julliand and International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde.

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