Local October 31, 2011 | 3:30 pm

The Pope confirms Dominican Republic’s Cardinal

SANTO DOMINGO. – Pope Benedict XVI confirmed cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez as metropolitan archbishop of Santo Domingo, after reaching 75, the age to step down.

Lopez made the announcement at the end of a mass Monday.

The Canonical Law stipulates that upon reaching 75 the archbishops must send a letter of resignation to the Vatican, and the Pope is the only one with the faculty to remove a prelate or allow them to remain in the post.

Lopez said he spoke with the Pope about the Catholic Church’s situation in Dominican Republic and when the Pontiff asked him about his health, told him he felt very well. “He told me to continue (as Santo Domingo archbishop) for several years.”

The senior prelate was ordained priest March 18, 1961, and became Santo Domingo archbishop November 16, 1981.

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