Local November 7, 2011 | 11:49 am

Hoteliers say bus unions pose threat to tourists

Santo Domingo.- Bavaro hoteliers and business leaders grouped in the Conep again railed the owners of buses Monday, for allegedly dismounting tourists from their vehicles in the middle street and of vandalizing vehicles of rival unions.

They said the zone’s bus drivers frequently stage incidents which pose a threat to the tourists’ safety, such as forcing them to dismount from taxis of rival unions to another that belong to the local one.

The incidents continue despite the Bavaro hotelier’s many complaints filed in the Tourism Police (Politur), the Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) and the Tourism Ministry, and affirm that the authorities allow the mistreatment of tourists to occur even in their presence.

Conep questioned the bus unions’ actions the call “vandalic,” because they pose a threat against the people’s safety, fair competition and access to the transport market, which harms the national productive sectors, tourism, local passengers and especially the country’s international image

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