Local November 7, 2011 | 8:57 am

Travelers again assaulted at Las Americas highway

Santo Domingo.- Travelers arriving at Las Americas International Airport continue to denounce holdups, this time the victims, Bladimir Corporán and his mother Mercedes suspect police agents.

Quoted by newspaper Listin, Corporán said when they left the airport he and his mother were headed to Higuey on the Las Americas highway near the resort town Juan Dolio around 8:30pm, when four men in a green Mitsubichi Montero SUV pointed a gun at them and immediately three of them told him and a cousin to mount the thieves’ vehicle while a third remained with its mother in his.

Half an hour later, he says, the attackers who remained with his mother called the one who stayed with them and said his had become ill, because she had a pacemaker. “I felt powerless, I didn’t know what they had done with my mother, a sick lady, which led me to think that they were agent because they didn’t take the vehicle, they only took 200 dollars that she had.”

He said the attackers, who vehicle license plate was 0F00454, identified themselves as police, but were in plainclothes and didn’t request other documents, only the license.

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