Local November 8, 2011 | 8:30 am

Group occupied school get Ministry’s pledge, won’t face charges

Santo Domingo. – After Education minister Josefina Pimentel’s pledge to repair the Republic of Argentina school, the group of youngsters self proclaimed Los Libertarios vacated it, ending a tense standoff since 6pm Sunday.

The group agreed to exit the school they occupied on several demands, especially a bigger budget for education.

Pimentel agreed to the group’s proposal, and pledged to send technicians today to evaluate the school’s needs and guaranteed that the more than 25 youngsters won’t face persecution.

“We’re confident that this can continue, this reclamation of the right to a dignified education, of 4 percent, which we will continue demanding because in addition it’s what the law states,” said Maria de Mar of Los Libertarios. “With this we will leave tonight.”

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