Local November 9, 2011 | 10:19 am

Drug “mule’s” constipation lands him in jail

Santo Domingo.- A man who went to a private clinic in the city’s northern barrios asking for help to expel an undetermined number of drug capsules he admitted ingesting in Venezuela, from where he had just arrived, was arrested on the sport by Antinarcotics (DNCD) agents.

The DNCD said Euglis Luciano Amador, escorted to the Armed Forces Hospital to expel the drug, “was found in that situation and personnel were immediately sent to the medical facility to arrest that citizen and take him to the military hospital, as is the norm in the cases where mules are surprised transporting drug in their digestive tract.”

It said the mule told the agents that after arriving from Caracas to the Dominican capital, he went to the people who would receive the drugs, but once there couldn’t expel the bags he had ingested. “When this didn’t happen those people left me there.”

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