Local November 14, 2011 | 7:53 am

Authorities brace for possible violence during strike

SANTO DOMINGO.- In spite of rebuke from several sectors, the barrio and leftists groups which called a nationwide for 24 hours said they stand firm in their decision to stage a walkout starting 6am Monday.

At the same hour, members of law enforcement agencies, helped by the military, will be deployed in the streets to guarantee the flow of traffic, said National Police chief Jose Polanco, during a meeting with transport authorities on Sunday.

Polanco, who met with bus service office (OMSA) chief Ignacio Ditrén, and of Land Transport (OTTT) Julio Horton, warned drivers that "all the weight of the law" will fall on those who try to violate citizens’ rights to free movement.

He also announced that all agents were called in for duty 5pm Sunday, to guarantee their deployment in the streets today.

Ditrén described the call to strike “weak,” and affirmed that 200 OMSA buses will be providing the service, together with 99% of the bus union drivers’ which don’t support the walkout.

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