Local November 14, 2011 | 9:15 am

Lack of buses leave commuters stranded

Santo Domingo.- Hundreds of commuters were left stranded from a lack of transport since early Monday morning, as several bus owner unions agreed to heed the 24 hour nationwide strike called by the Alternative Social Forum.

Although the amount of buses was down to a trickle in Santo Domingo Province and the National District as well, private vehicle traffic was normal.

Police agents and soldiers discreetly watch over the main arteries of Greater Santo Domingo, and were deployed near bridges to prevent incidents. Since early morning agents also ride on the government’s buses (OTTT) to guarantee commuter service.

Though many sectors reject the call to strike by 24 hours, many barrio groups and leftist organizations decided to take part, to protest what they view as the Government’s indifference to the population’s demands, lower fuel and electricity prices among them.

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