Local November 16, 2011 | 8:01 am

Dominican Government slams the OAS on border incidents

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic stated its "deep surprise" Tuesday with the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General’s concern with the violent incidents between Dominicans and Haitians along their shared border.

In a letter to Jose Miguel Insulza, Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales said the head of the OAS should’ve gone to the Government’s formal channels, before issuing his public statement.

The official also regrets that the OAS didn’t communicate with the Dominican ambassador to that entity, or with the local Foreign Relations Ministry, prior to delving into the facts, "because the international press when reporting what has been said by Insulza, could unwarrantedly reflect that problems in the border of our two countries exist."

Morales affirmed that Dominican authorities maintain "close relations" with its Haiti par, adding that the two countries solve situations institutionally along their extensive border, in compliance with international law, as well as the agreements, and treaties which both nations signed off on.

In a statement Monday Insulza expressed concern with the incidents on Saturday when a Dominican was killed on the Haiti side and hours later his compatriots murdered at least four Haitians in reprisals, according to reports by that country’s media.

In that regard the OAS Secretary General asked the governments of the Dominican Republic and of Haiti "to act with moderation and enter into a significant dialogue to confront this and other issues regarding their common interests throughout the border."

Dominican ambassador in Haití, Rubén Silié, told Efe that according to preliminary reports, relatives of the Dominican killed conducted "reprisals against Haitians" near the western town of La Descubierta, Independencia province.

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