Local November 17, 2011 | 3:18 pm

Haiti Ambassador downplays deaths of 2 compatriots, 1 Dominican

SANTO DOMINGO. – Haiti ambassador Fritz Cineas Thursday said last weekend’s deadly incidents that occurred in the border where one Dominican and two Haitians died, shouldn’t affect bilateral relations.

The two Haitians were killed and four others were wounded when several Dominicans attacked them in reprisal for the death of a compatriot, the diplomat said. The injured recover in a Barahona hospital (southwest) and three of them are expected to be released Friday.

The attack began when the Dominican who was later killed, tried to mediate in a dispute among Haitians and was attacked by one of them, whom "involuntarily caused his death," Cineas told to Efe.

He said several of the victim’s brothers, of a family of 30, figure among those suspected of murdering the Haitians, but noted that it wasn’t "a voluntary act" either.

Haiti media published that four Haitians were killed in the last few days, in a zone which lives under a climate of tension, although the ambassador said he’s aware of only two deceased and the situation in the zone is normal. "I do not believe that it affects the bilateral relations. The governments don’t have anything do with this."

Cineas added that the incident occurred near a market near the town La Descubierta, in the Dominican province Independencia (west).

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